About us

Aviotools is an organisation, created to manage used tools and Ground Support Equipment (GSE). We rent, sell, purchase, exchange, repair and calibrate tools. Our vision is to be an airline and MRO partner able to find the most cost-effective solutions.

Today, like never before, aviation industry is under enormous pressure as many companies are looking for ways to cut costs in order to continue operation.

The initial cost of investment in aircraft tools prevents many successful organisations employing top industry experts from growing and developing maintenance services, especially on smaller airports. Aviotools can bridge this gap and enable you to offer affordable services using our tools.

In today’s world, industry stakeholders are connected through fast transport and communication means regardless of their location. If you are experiencing an AOG situation or planning for a base maintenance event, we can coordinate the industry needs and create value through lean processes by reducing waste.

In our line of business, unused aircraft tools sitting on a shelf, while somebody is waiting for them, are nothing but waste.

Aviotools provides innovative solutions for renting aircraft tools in partnership with selected MROs, which not only rent the tools, but also provide storage, handling and, if so agreed, calibration services under the management of Aviotools.

In this way, the return trip is avoided, reducing the number of days which are charged even though the tools are not used. Please contact us and check how we can work together.

Tool purchase, sale and rental are always possible. Tools can be shipped on short notice to our customers in Europe and worldwide.

Contact us at any time.

What we do

Managers and employees at Aviotools are aircraft maintenance professionals who can accommodate your tool requests mainly for:

  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing B737 Classic
  • Boeing B737 NG

You are an airline or MRO and you would like to use our platform to rent your tools

Your organisation is using tools for your own needs. Why not create another stream of revenue? You can use our web platform, experts and sales network to increase the number of days your tools are rented.

You are an airline or MRO and you would like to sell your tools

Your organisation owns some tools you know are valuable, but you do not need them anymore. Maybe you have changed the aircraft type or there is another reason why you use them rarely. We can purchase your tools and still keep them on your stock. Contact us and we will find a solution together. We can buy, exchange or offer free rental of tools you may need in order to cover for your needs.

You are establishing a new MRO, adding a new aircraft type or new process

Please contact us. Our experts have the experience and are ready to explore and find an optimal way to organise your process.

You are calibrating or you need to calibrate the tools

Please contact us. Organisations from our database perform calibration of all kinds of tools. Together we can connect tools and organisations in order to maximise operation time to the benefit of all parties.


Aviotools stocks aircraft tools at selected locations:

Airport Paderborn Büren

Airport Bremen

Aviotools d.o.o. Zagreb

The location of the tool and availability dates are easily accessible on our website.

Our offices are open:

  • AOG/Critical requests 24/7 (Surcharge may apply)
  • Regular requests Monday – Friday 08:00 UTC – 16:00 UTC

You can call and reserve a tool for 24 hours until the initial process is completed. Once the tool is reserved, within 24 hours we will (In AOG situations we are ready to work 24/7):

  • Confirm tool availability and location
  • Provide tool documents, calibration certificate, photo, etc.
  • Provide lease agreement, loan agreement, or similar
  • Agree on deposit and financial terms, depending on financial arrangements between companies
  • Make arrangements for tool and document handling, pick-up time and location
  • Make transport arrangements or wait for customer organised transport
  • Make insurance and customs arrangements, if necessary
  • Prepare shipping list and confirm serviceability of the tools