Aircraft parking and storage solutions

AvioTools is pleased to announce that in cooperation with selected MROs, it now offers aircraft parking and storage solutions at different airports across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary.

Our selected partners are an approved maintenance Part 145 organizations located at Croatia.  We are now offering aircraft parking, storage and depreservation opportunities in these tough times for our aviation community. Depending on your needs, we can support short and/or long-term storage and parking sites.

We offer you a comprehensive storage and parking solution:

  • Daily parking price starting from 30 EUR/day
  • Free parking for storage of 3 and more aircraft on selected airports
  • Over 40 aircraft parking slots immediately available
  • Full maintenance support and flexible reactivation options
  • A320F all 4 engine types, A330 all 3 engine types, B737 CL/NG/MAX, B757/B767/B777

Contact us now so that we can put an appropriate package together for you to park/store your aircraft.