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Aviotools stocks aircraft tools at selected locations:

Airport Paderborn Büren

Airport Bremen

Aviotools d.o.o. Zagreb

The location of the tool and availability dates are easily accessible on our website.

Our offices are open:

  • AOG/Critical requests 24/7 (Surcharge may apply)
  • Regular requests Monday – Friday 08:00 UTC – 16:00 UTC

You can call and reserve a tool for 24 hours until the initial process is completed. Once the tool is reserved, within 24 hours we will (In AOG situations we are ready to work 24/7):

  • Confirm tool availability and location
  • Provide tool documents, calibration certificate, photo, etc.
  • Provide lease agreement, loan agreement, or similar
  • Agree on deposit and financial terms, depending on financial arrangements between companies
  • Make arrangements for tool and document handling, pick-up time and location
  • Make transport arrangements or wait for customer organised transport
  • Make insurance and customs arrangements, if necessary
  • Prepare shipping list and confirm serviceability of the tools