AvioTools is a sales representative of sealant removal tools for aerospace industry. Tools are made of semi-crystalline thermoplastic, which is the primary industry approved material.

Products are safe to use on bare aluminum frames as well as on non-metallic components or substrates. The tools provide good physical strength while being chemically resistant to standard aerospace fluids and solvents.
Semi-crystalline thermoplastic is the material of choice by aircraft manufacturers as it eliminates the risk of scratching or damaging aluminum substrates during aircraft maintenance.

Our tools provide to end-users comfort and greater control during maintenance work thanks to the ergonomic shape and quality of the tool. In addition to removing sealants, tools are also suitable for removing stickers, loose paint and surface dirt and debris where the use of unapproved tools could lead to damage of the underlying skin or structure.

Scrapers are easily identifiable in the working environment thanks to specially dedicated luminous red dye used in the product line, making them clearly visible, therefore from a quality control perspective the risk of FOD is minimized during aircraft maintenance activities.
Our 3-step QC process guarantees that only the highest quality plastic products are delivered to our customers.

We understand there is a wide range of industry standards out there, which is why our 3-step policy is in place to ensure we deliver a consistent product that can be trusted to do the job.
AS1, AS2, AS3 scrapers have been tested and approved in line with Boeing Commercial BAC 5000 Section 5.2.6.A (BSS7384) with AS4 & AS5 scheduled for approval.

All scrapers also comply with the following:
• Airbus (commercial & military) AIPI 005-005-002-ISS-A2
• Bombardier (commercial, general aviation, & regional jet) BAPS 157-028
• Various types, managed by SAE (general aviation, military, regional jet, commercial, etc) AIR 4069

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